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Why an Amendment to GOP Health Care Bill presented by Sen. Cruz & Lee?

An amendment to the Health Care Bill of GOP has proposed by two conservative senators and indicated that it will provide more flexibility to purchase the health insurance of their choice. Senators Mike Lee, R-Utah and Ted Cruz, R-Texas have announced a supposed amendment and called it the “Consumer Freedom Option” in order to allow insurance companies to sell their any health coverage plan they desire including providing one plan that fulfills the mandates of Obamacare. On Wednesday, Cruz said during an interview with Texas radio host Mark Davis and indicated that it would be a key piece passed is an amendment in getting the GOP health care bill. He added that the introduced amendment will be added in the final bill.

Why an Amendment to GOP Health Care Bill presented by Sen. Cruz & Lee?He added that the “Consumer Freedom Option” simply indicates that if an insurance company sells in a predefined state plan that is coherent with the title I mandate, the company will be able to sell any other insurance plan on the desire of consumers. The Title of I of the Affordable Care Act is well known as Obamacare. A senior fellow and health care expert at The Heritage Foundation, Bob Moffit said in an email forwarded to The Daily Signal that it requires persons to buy qualified health plans to meet entire benefit commands and insurance rules or pay a fine of 695 U.S dollars or at least 2.5% of income, but it depends on the amount. The amendment of Lee and Cruz presented after a number of conservative senators said that they are against the health care bill from the leadership of the U.S Senate.

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