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Was NC Senator Thom Tillis Injured during Capital Challenge Race?

The Associated Press reported that the Republican Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina said he was Fine on Wednesday after breaking down during a race and taken away by an ambulance in Washington, D.C. 56 years old Tillis was found on the ground being preserved by eyewitnesses at about 15 to 20 minutes into the 3-mile race in Anacostia Park in the Southeast part of the city. Tillis was initially found unresponsive after the incident, but restored & breathing when taken away by an ambulance. On Wednesday morning, Tillis also uploaded a video on Twitter from his bed in hospital and said he was Fine & thanking people for all prayers and well wishes from his loving people. He said in a video “Hey everybody, I am fine. Just running 2 and half miles in but got overheated, see you back on the hill”.

Was NC Senator Thom Tillis Injured during Capital Challenge Race?Point to be noted that Tillis was participating in an annual event in Anacostia Park, the ACLI Capital Challenge Race and he was leading his own team “Team Tillis”. There are various politicians and other well-known figures from Washington, D.C run the annual race and it goes to charity. Tillis was a consultant for Price-water-house and later worked for IBM. He also served in his town council for 2 years. He also served as PTA president of high school of his children prior to defeating a Republican for a state House seat in the year 2006. He was ranked up at the General Assembly and became minority stir in his 2nd term. He left job from IBM to find lawmaking candidates & money for the elections 2010. He ran for the U.S Senate in the year 2014 and defeated a Democrat Kay Hagan.

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