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Was Botnet used by Cybercriminals for Spy Campaign?

There is no secret that cybercrime and lines between State-sponsored hacking are ambiguous. It is important that depending on professional staffs probably deniable if the criminals ever caught. It is now obvious that those lines often fade away entirely. A report issued by New York Times that Russian intelligence “Piggy” backed criminal hackers, now-vanished “botnet, GameOver ZeuS” in order to manage spy campaigns in the United States and other parts in the world. The infected computers were asked to search for documents between 2011 and 2014 and they clearly pointed out the Russian political interests. Some of them were regarding the U.S support for Syrian rebels, English searches for Top Secret & Department of Defense and Ukrainian operations.

Russian Hacking

A number of last queries mentioned that there were some American government officials that had been impaired and they were obviously not what they expected from an outfit drain off bank accounts. Russian authorities have stopped commenting, but the U.S government has imposed sanctions on Bogachev and other hackers. The officials of Ukraine have immediately declared that Bogachev is still working under the direction of a special unit of the FSB. Russian authorities have allowed him to operate without any fear. He was supposedly living in a resort town with his real name without any arrest fear. Security researchers also reported that he is not alone there and Russia is regularly reinforcing hackers from various forums. They are keeping eye on their criminal behavior to ensure not to commit crimes in Russia.

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