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Was Actor Jeff Goldblum Handling out Sandwiches from a Food Truck?

A large number of social media users started posting photographs and videos on 25th April 2017 showing the actor Jeff Goldblum (the actor of Independence Day and Jurassic Park) was handling sausage sandwiches out from a food truck and it was specifically named “Chef Goldblum’s”. Goldblum has also been a skillful musician and frequently used subject in various internet memes. He informed the Australian radio host Merrick Watts that he was handling out food items in Sydney and it was a part of promotion for an upcoming film project. But, he didn’t explain further details regarding the nature of that specific project. He said “it is a secret and mystery, so I can’t disclose, but I am filming something here and something to do with food”.

Was Actor Jeff Goldblum Handling out Sandwiches from a Food Truck?He added “what do you think about it, I was just handling out sandwiches”. The detailed interview was aired on 26th April 2017 on 104.9 Triple M Sydney. It is still not clear that how long he has planned for handling out food items, but the Australian social media users has indicated that he was chatting with people at Wynard Park when they reached to the truck window. Point to be noted that Goldblum will return with his role as an unconventional mathematician Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park sequel in 2018, but he didn’t say about the role is specifically linked to his food truck adventure. It has been confirmed that Jeff Goldblum was giving out free sandwiches in Sydney, Australia from a food truck.

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