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Uber will offer Bike-Sharing Service in San Francisco

Uber is executing a new service in San Francisco beside dockless bike-sharing switch on Jump. Uber Bike will enable users rent one from 250 bikes of Jump. Users will be charged 2 U.S dollars for first 30 minutes and additional per minute fee after 30 minutes. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency issued a permit earlier January. The current step has made company the first in operating a dockless bike-sharing program in San Francisco. New 250 bikes of Jump will be available around the city prior to start the month of March. It is important that San Francisco MTA will allow the company to add more 250 bikes after 9 months, but it depends on the situation.

dockless bike-sharing

The San Francisco MTA issued a permit for 18 months in which the SFMTA will monitor and figure out the program according to the response of the public. The pilot program of Uber will be available initially for the users who often travel in the San Francisco areas where electric bikes of Jump are available and others will be able to join a waitlist. The transportation policy head of Uber, Andrew Salberg informed TechCrunch that the company always exploring such ways and options in more accessible and affordable transportation for people. The company offered this specific service as it perfectly fits into a much larger vision and there might be multiple modes of transportation and these modes will be accessible through the Uber app.

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