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Shooting at Marshall County High School Caused 2 Dead & 14 injured

An unfortunate incident happened inside a high school in Kentucky when a 15-years old boy mortally shot 2 of his classmates and injured at least 18 others. A senior student at the Marshall County High School, Kennadi Spraggs informed ABC News about the shooting incident took place on Tuesday morning. She said in her emotional interview that her friend was shot and injured when they were chatting in the group before class. She indicated that she considered the first shot was a balloon, but she suddenly heard 5 more. Everyone was running, screaming and crying “Get down”, but no one knew what to do, so she took off and ran very fast. Bryson Conkwright (eye-witness student) said that a teenage boy just pulled a gun on his classmates at their school in Benton. Officials had declared that 16-people experienced gunshot wounds, including the 2 dead victims. 15-years old Bailey Nicole Holt died at the scene and 15-years old Preston Ryan Cope died at a hospital.

Marshal County High School

The school is 120 miles Northwest of Nashville, Tennessee. Benton informed Good Morning America of ABC that he can’t forget the shooting incident because it caused death or injured some nice people he has ever met. He was also sitting with a group of friends on Tuesday morning at 8 am when the teen gunman reached and started shooting without any warning. He was in the targeted group and he was watching that the suspect was walking up, but he didn’t pay much attention. He suddenly pulled the trigger and started shooting at the group. He was really shocked and watching that his friends were dropping one by one. Everybody was crying and running out and suddenly a bullet scratched his hand. He said that Marshall County High School has been considered a Great School due to everybody loves each other, but this incident was unfortunate.

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