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Sex Criminals can also use Social Network Websites: U.S Supreme Court

It is clear why governments need to keep sex criminals away from social networks because they don’t need hunters messaging their potential targets on social networks. The U.S Supreme Court is thinking that entire ban would take things too far. As part of a ruling in a case, a college student targeted an underage girl. The North Carolina Law was struck down by the court stopping sex criminals from visiting social internet websites that are being used frequently by children. The law was too vast that it violated rights of free speech and blocking sex criminals from modern life. The court further indicated that if you aren’t using social networks, you will not be able to interact frequently with modern society in perfect ways.

U.S Supreme Court

For example, you can chat with friends on Facebook or finding a new job on LinkedIn. So, stopping someone might block their ability to exercise their rights of First Amendment. How is it possible that a criminal will be able to reestablish social activities if you prevent him from accessing important and major social websites for years after his release from prison? It has been considered a cautious act and it will also be considered a real crime. The Supreme Court also added that the law of North Carolina could easily be misjudged to include any commercial website with a social element and access for minors, for example, WebMD or Amazon. The judges know that safety has its own importance, but Judge Samuel Alito said that treating entire sites as free speech platforms are risky, but it is difficult to block access to any website.

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