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Iraq’s Move For Major Gold Reserves

Iraq nowadays is reserving gold and these gold reserves are just to join the central banks from the emerging markets economies like as Russia and Brazil in diversifying its foreign reserves. This is the best effort by the Iraq to bring its economic conditions and

Investment in Iraqi Dinar for Future

Iraqi Dinar is the national currency of Iraq but right now it is not being traded in the foreign exchange market freely. In foreign exchange markets individuals or companies usually buy the currencies of other countries to gain some profit with the help of day

Necessary Steps Need to be Taken to Improve Iraqi Dinar Worth

After the end of Sadam Hussein’s government. The old Iraqi dinar with Sadam Hussein’s picture were rolled back and Central Bank of Iraq issued the new note in late 2003. Now a day’s Iraqi dinar is consisting of six denominations 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000