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Heart problem

Health Signs that Indicate Heart Problem

This is owing to the more education about healthy eating and advancement in the treatment, the is a remarkable reduction in the heart disease, and fewer people die with this disease. Clogged heart arteries are still the cause of death in the united states. Heart

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs

Expected Launch Of Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung is one the highest selling mobile brands. Samsung has one of the best markets in the world, it has the best phones in every way and is well competing with Apple with its Android support software system. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the latest


Google Redesigned Transparency Report Portal

It has been a long time since the management of the publishing of the transparency reports of the government. It has been seen that the company that gave in details regarding the past especially from June to December 2013. Google has all the special details

Apple - IBM

Apple- IBM First Batch of Business Apps Released

Apple really seems to be serious about enterprise IT with the IBM than this summer’s cordial announcement seemed to imply, and on the same occasion, for the enterprise care, Apple’s new Apple care is taking on support for shared customers with IBM, which is really

Microsoft Smart Android

Microsoft Smart Android Phone With New Lock Screen Theme

Microsoft’ experimental team has been always in an effort to reveal some innovative IT adventures in the mobile phone history. With the efforts of the IT team, Microsoft has been upgrading the main screen focus with a big lock screen along with the appearance of

Solar Power

The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

World’s largest Solar Power plant has come to start, and this is the biggest milestones, in more than one. Topaz has built world’s largest solar power plant that represents the large active solar farm on the planet, this power plant will enable the power generation

Plastic Toys

Plastic Toys in Battlefield

This is actually a wonderful made animation that plays up a wonderful war that is actually a fun. In this game, guns shoot out flowers and grenades that are actually caramel lollipop. This is actually a fun play for the small children and it will