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Farm Antibiotics and food allergies

Farm Antibiotics Might Cause Food Allergies

Food allergic reactions are the concern for millions of American people. Some people are also allergic to the anti-biotic, which is used to keep pests away from vegetables and fruits. Here is a study profile of a 10 years old girl, who had severe allergic

Tesla in Georgia

Georgia – The New Battleground State for Tesla

Georgia is known for the only American state, which has the large number of electric cars in the U.S., but this has also become a latest place where dealers are trying to block the tesla Motors to sell directly to the consumers. The auto car

Brazil's Economy Under Recession

Brazil’s Economy Under Recession

Just a month before the latest elections, the Brazil economy has gone into the recession according to the latest figures. According to the economic survey, the GDP has fallen to 0.6%    in the three months to June worse than analysts predicted, and the first

ice cream

The Best Ice Cream Parlours in Europe

Here we come here with the best Ice Cream company readers’ travel tips, which is the best ice cream parlor. This company has taken the different ice cream flavors in order to attract the traveler’s attraction for these tasty flavors. Ice cream in summer is

Omaha police cruiser

Omaha Police Killed Cops TV Crew Member

Police officers opened a fire and in that fire, crew member that was suspected to have a gun with him was killed. Police has claimed that crewmember opened the fire on the police officer and in return, police officer had to open the fire for