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A Map Supposedly Showing Mass Shootings in the United States

A Facebook user shared a meme on 25th February 2016 showing a map. This map doesn’t have essential information such as source of map, date and information regarding incidents of mass shooting. Assumingly, this map was taken from a source and published by “Vox” on

Barak Obama Can Nominate the Supreme Court Justice: O’Connor

A Facebook post supposedly added a statement from Sandra Day O’Connor in the month of February 2016. This post indicated that a former justice of Supreme Court called the Republican Party a group of “evil, grumpy, and spiteful”. This post circulated widely on the social

Detroit Woman Made World Record of 14 Children by 14 Fathers

An entertainment website “World News Daily Report” published a news article on 17th February 2016 with a claim that a woman from Detroit has made a new world record for childbirth process of fourteen children with fourteen different fathers. The Guinness Book of World Records

Bill Murray Said “You Can Trust a Dog instead of a Human”

A quote credited to Bill Murray regarding “trusting dogs rather than humans”. The quote supposedly delivered by a comedian Bill Murray. This meme circulated on most of the social media networks for the last several years. The meme shared with various different photographs and various