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How Iraqi Dinar is Profiteering Investment

Iraqi dinar is an investment that offers you a lot of opportunities to get the profit. There are lots of people who invest in Iraqi dinar to become a millionaire. Dinar is the currency of Iraq, and this is the time when this currency possesses

iraq and u.s. flag june 2012

USA Participating in Iraq For Development

On the other hand, US announces its complete support to Iraq for agricultural development. US embassy in Baghdad said on Tuesday that Iraq has a lot of potential of Agriculture and US wants to help Iraq to use its full agriculture and bring advancement in


For Common Man Increasing Reserves Are Beneficial

Khalil said that revenues for the year of 2012 are thought to be $500 million and this amount is expected to rise in value to one billion and 700 million US dollars after establishment of a commission and to adopt the customs tariffs laws and


Iraq Oil Ministry Dismissed Turkey From Contract

Secretory of Oil Ministry said in an interview “the decision of cancelling the contract is final and there is no any approval required in this regard for block 9 in reference to the exploration block of Iraq and licensing department of Iraq. He further said


Iraqi Dinar Short Term Disappointment

Most of the Iraqis have lost their believe in their own currency. Foreign investors are showing great commitments and confidence in Iraqi Dinar. This is because, country just has recovered from a long war and killing sanctions. Iraq’s oil exports currently are 2.6 million barrels


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Iraq’s Move For Major Gold Reserves

Iraq nowadays is reserving gold and these gold reserves are just to join the central banks from the emerging markets economies like as Russia and Brazil in diversifying its foreign reserves. This is the best effort by the Iraq to bring its economic conditions and