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A Woman Became Pregnant by her 15 Years-Old Son

A website “” that is working under the “” has published an article on 1st April 2016 and reported that an unknown mother had acknowledged on Facebook in establishing an affair with her 15 years-old son and then she became pregnant. A mother updated her

Newly Discovered “Planet X” Will Wipe-Out Life on the Earth

A website “New York Post” reproduced news on 6th April 2016 and this news was originally published by the website “The Sun”. This news described “top space scientist” Daniel Whitmire as he said about latest discovery of a planet which can destroy our Earth any

A Woman Cut Off Genitals of a Rapist and Forced to Eat

A website “News4KTLA” published an article on 5th April 2016 and reported that a woman and victim of a rape allegedly cut off the genitals of the rapist and forced to eat those genitals. The article indicated that a resident of Fayetteville, North Carolina kidnapped

St. Cloud school presented a lawsuit for Taxpayer named Prayer Rugs

A website “U.S Herald” published an article on 29th March 2016 and reported that St. Cloud, Minnesota resident Muslim student were offered accommodations at taxpayer expenses and not allowed for the students of other religions named as prayer rugs. The website US Herald added a