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New Test of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile by North Korea and the U.S Response!

On Tuesday, the Trump administration has confirmed that the claim of North Korea for launching an intercontinental ballistic missile. It was also warned to Pyongyang that the United States will use its entire range of capabilities at our side against new growing threat. The U.S administration issued this warning on Wednesday morning in a joint military exercise. Point to be noted that United States and South Korean armed forces have fired ballistic missiles in the waters along with the east coast of Peninsula, North Korea. The North Korea also declared on Wednesday that North Korea will never take a turn from its constancy to strengthen its nuclear and missile abilities. The Central New Agency of North Korea has indicated that its new Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile has capability to hit the Heart of the United States with carrying a heavy amount of nuclear warheads.

New Test of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile by North Korea and the U.S Response!The news agency said that missile tests have been done successfully for the two propulsive stages of missile and the ability to prevent the massive heat and vibrations at the time of entering in the atmosphere of the earth. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un teased the United States on Wednesday and said that this launch will be considered a 4th July Gift to the administration of United States. The Central News Agency of North Korea said that Korean citizens are happy with this great achievement and decision of their leader to “Hit on the Nose of the Americans” after managing the first successful ICBM test to harmonize the Independence Day.

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