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New Executive Order Ready to Sign by Trump Regarding Climate Change Rules

The U.S President Donald Trump is ready to sign another executive order. It would significantly reduce the governmental decision-making role about the climate change. This executive order might affect everything including energy policy to appliance standards. This executive order would exclusively target the climate policy of former U.S President Obama. This order would implement the rewrite carbon emission rules of Trump’s cabinet about new and existing power plants. It will also restart federal coal leasing, though the energy companies have sold the rights to mine for coal on federal lands. It might prevent the effect on climate change from considering the federal actions as the portion of the National Environmental Policy Act reviews of the U.S government, including the Keystone XL oil pipeline. A mechanism adopted by the Obama administration about the Social Cost of Carbon.

New Executive Order Ready to Sign by Trump Regarding Climate Change RulesThe general effect of global warming might be lifted. But, the fossil fuel supporters will be happy after dismantling the vision. The president of the American Energy Alliance, Tom Pyle also said that “President Obama had included some complications in the rules and regulations & orders to impose his own agenda practically across every agency. It was especially designed to initially put into the roles of climate change agencies and left behind their mission”. It is important that a number of environmental groups and scientists have shown deep trouble regarding the news. The Washington Post also indicated that the executive director of the Georgetown University Climate Center, Vicki Arroyo said that it would be painful to rollback the standards that got a significant amount of effort and Trump administration should need to follow laws & regulations including Clean Air Act & Administrative Procedure Act.

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