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Laptop Ban Lifted from Abu Dhabi International Airport by the United States

The United States is reconsidering its ban of laptops flights from Middle Eastern countries to the U.S. Although, it might not be due to officials believe everything is perfect and safe. The U.S Department of Homeland Security has exempted Dhabi International Airport from the ban on laptops and tablets. The step was taken after verifying that Etihad Airways has efficiently & properly adopted “Enhanced Security Measures”. But, the agency hasn’t yet clarified what those are for applying tighter screening for both devices and people they carry aboard. The American government had imposed its initial ban in the moth of Mach 2017 on 10 airports (mostly Middle Eastern airports).

Laptop Ban Lifted from Abu Dhabi International Airport by the United StatesIt didn’t fall into the specific inspirations behind the move. It was supposedly in response to a specific fake bomb threat from an iPad. The Abu Dhabi change suggests that the U.S Department of Homeland Security still believes that there is a threat. They are confident that it can eliminate explosive slates from reaching U.S-bound airlines. In any case, this change might provide a hope to airlines and travelers. The Associated Press also pointed out that air careers have experienced a business drop due to the result of ban. For example, at least 20% cut by Emirates on its flights to the United States. It is important that portable computing is important for various passengers either they stay at home or during travelling.

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