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How a Honduran Journalist Shot & Killed in Mexico?

The Mexican State of Veracruz authorities issued a statement on Monday that they had arranged an investigation regarding the killing of a Honduran video journalist who had hunted refugee status in Mexico. The office of the State prosecutor said in a statement that journalist Edwin Rivera Paz was shot and killed in the town of Acayucan on Sunday. The statement further indicated that the body was identified by a relative. The consul general of Honduras in Veracruz said in an interview with that the Mexican government got the bottom levels of the killing. The Honduran Embassay in Mexico City didn’t answer immediately for comments. The coordinator of the Mesoamerican Migrant Movement, Marta Sanchez Soler said that a nonprofit group was helping migrants for traveling through the region.

How a Honduran Journalist Shot & Killed in Mexico?Point to be noted that the journalist Rivera left Honduras due to one of his colleague Igor Padilla was killed. Padilla was killed in the month of January 2017 by 4 men wearing the police uniforms at the Northern side of Honduras city of San Pedro Sula. Padilla hosted a humorous television show and covered crime, and Rivera was his cameraman. It was unclear that how long Rivera stayed in Acayucan. This town was being heavily used as a route for Central Americans fleeing violence and Veracruz has been considered one of the violent states in the Mexico. It is important that a large number of people were applying for refugee status in Mexico and it was doubled in the previous year. It was predicted that it might be doubled again in the current year.

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