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Has Trump Decided a Military Parade in Washington?

Killing machines such as Tanks and Jets will be moving on the routes of the nation’s capital later this year. These machines will be painted as uniform dress and dedicated for a peacetime parade encouraged by the U.S President Donald Trump. The Pentagon is currently at the planning stage in the arrangement of the event. This type of last event took place in the summer of 1991 in Washington. The event was held after 41-days of end the gulf war. The event was celebrated as victory parade and the U.S government spent at least 12 million U.S dollars for the arrangement of this event. The U.S Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis carefully responded reporters at the White House and avoided to say “Parade” when asked about the proposed show of force.

Has Trump Decided a Military Parade in Washington?Mattis said that all Americans are well aware about devotion and respect for the U.S military from the U.S President Trump. He confirmed that some options have been put together in order to forward it to the White House for final decision. It is important that a massive display of military machines shouldn’t be considered an easy or cheap process. So, Pentagon is disturbed with the issues regarding budget and other arrangements regarding the supposed event. It was first reported by the Washington Post that the Pentagon is planning for a parade. The U.S President Trump and his advisers presented the idea of a military parade in Washington. Some legislators admired the idea of Trump’s parade, but many of them called it undemocratic.

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