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Famous Singer Cuba Gooding Senior has passed away

The father of actor Cuba Gooding Junior (key singer of “Main Ingredient”), Cuba Gooding Senior was found unemotional in his car on 20th April 2017 at the San Fernando Valley. Famous singer Cuba Gooding Senior was the father of Oscar-winning actor who shares his name was found unresponsive. The entertainment website “TMZ” also informed that he was found dead in his own car, which was parked in Woodland Hills on a too busy road. The police department indicated that the father of Cuba Gooding Junior was bent over in his own silver Jaguar. His vehicle was parked in Woodland Hills on Ventura Blvd in California. The fire department first responded the scene and attempted CPR, but they were unable to rescue him.

Famous Singer Cuba Gooding Senior has passed awayThe death of singer Gooding was also confirmed by KABC (Los Angeles-area outlet) and added that the cause of death wasn’t disclosed immediately. The cause of death is still under investigation, but investigators were unable to find out homicide indications at the scene. The office of the Los Angeles County said that a number of alcohol bottles and drug paraphernalia were found in his vehicle. But, it hasn’t yet confirmed whether his death was natural or due to drug overdose and waiting for final medical examination report. Gooding was famous as a leading singer of soul group “Main Ingredient” in 1970s. The band got popularity in the year 1972 hit the 1st million-selling single by the group “Everybody Plays the Fool”.

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