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Did Russian Hackers Squeeze American Democrats & Liberals?

The Russian hackers aren’t currently trying to disturb the American politics due to the U.S presidential election is over. A number of news outlets had mentioned that the U.S Federal Board of Investigation is currently investigating on “more than a dozen” alleged incidents took place by the Russian hackers. Those hackers tried to blackmail the U.S liberal groups. The intruders generally threaten to leak shameful emails & documents with entire proof except the group pays the equivalent of tens of thousands U.S dollars in the form of bitcoins. Some of them had experienced threat including Arabella Advisors. They helped those intruders in the liberal causes as well as the access to the think tank Center for American Progress.

Did Russian Hackers Squeeze American Democrats & Liberals?Point to be noted that there is still an obvious question regarding the involvement of Russian government behind hacking incidents. It might be possible, but it hasn’t yet confirmed. The hacking team used evocative techniques of Cozy Bear. It was said the Russian government-backed hacker groups were allegedly involved in the DNC hacks during the U.S presidential campaign & presidential election 2016. It would be logical with reports that FSB intelligence agency of Russia supposedly targeted the Democratic officials & liberal supporters during last summer. It this wasn’t just an ordinary criminal activity, it might be considered as new territory for the Russian agents. If the FBI discovers any link with Russian government regarding hacks, it would show their success for the recent hacks.

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