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Creator of Gong Show and famous star Chuck Barris has Passed Away

The entertainment figure that created the spoof television talent contest Gong Show and long-running game shows, The Newlywed Game and The Dating Game, Chuck Barris has passed away due to natural causes. He died at his home in Palisades, New York at the age of 87 on 21st March 2017. In 1962, he wrote a song “Palisades Park” and it became popular on Top 10 hit for a singer Freddy Cannon. The first autobiography of Barris “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” was added into a feature film in 2002. This film was directed by George Clooney and the role of Barris was performed by a star Sam Rockwell. Barris was born in 1929 in Charles Hirsch Barris. He took his first job in television tailing American Bandstand host Dick Clark.


Barris was Philadelphia native and living off of his percentages for Palisades Park after creating “The Dating Game” and sold it to ABC Television in the year 1965. The program was aired in 1973 and survived until 1999. Barris also created “The Newlywed Game” in 1966 and it actually aired for at least 19 years and currently it is running on the Game Show Network. After 11 years, Barris decided to step-in and face the camera to host “The Gong Show”. It was a talent show spoof with featuring in-house characters. The Gong Show was played on NBC for 2 years and continued in partnership through 1982. Barris also claimed “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” as a promotional trick and his claim indicated that his game show work served as a cover for his real job as an employee of CIA. But, the agency had rejected his claim and confirmed that he never served as an employee in the CIA.

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