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Sony’s New Spotify-Powered Music Service

Spotify Arrives in PlayStation Music

This day brings amazing news for all the PlayStation owners out there who also happen to be music lovers. Sony and Spotify, which is a music streaming service, have come together to provide you the ultimate gaming experience while you listen to your favorite songs. The


Valve Steps into VR Business

Valve has proven itself during the past years for the betterment of the new products. The examples have been quoted form Steam Controller – its gaming controller system and its Steam Machines providing entertainment with the PCs which have been shown that; “Valve getting into

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs

Expected Launch Of Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung is one the highest selling mobile brands. Samsung has one of the best markets in the world, it has the best phones in every way and is well competing with Apple with its Android support software system. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the latest

Microsoft Smart Android

Microsoft Smart Android Phone With New Lock Screen Theme

Microsoft’ experimental team has been always in an effort to reveal some innovative IT adventures in the mobile phone history. With the efforts of the IT team, Microsoft has been upgrading the main screen focus with a big lock screen along with the appearance of

3D Robotics

3D Robotics Tech to Let You Fly Drones

The technological department is moving so fast that the world is still thinking about how to manage with drones and they have come up with another device called ‘quadrocopters.’ Very soon 3D Robotics would also be coming which would help with the drone technology. Several


IBM to Announce a Cloud Partnership With SAP

The cloud business is expensive for suppliers and cheap for users in the world. According to chief executive of IBM Lance Crosby, IBM spends more than 1 billion dollar every year in the cloud to provide better services in the cloud to its users all

Apple iOS 8

Apple iOS 8 Launched With Inspiring New Features

Apple has launched IOS 8 that has lots of advance features in it, which include lots of photo tools, interactive notifications, whatsapp-style messaging. This software was unveiled in June, but this has been released in September. This software features a photo editing tool and time lapse

HTC events

Mystery Event : HTC Sends Invitations for Oct.8

HTC’s mystery event is going to hold on Oct 8 2014 as published in the print and electronic media last night. HTC has invited the press for the coverage of this mystery event in New York City. “Double exposure” can the reveal of the project