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Pentagon left data exposed

Why Pentagon Left Intelligence Data on Exposed Server?

Researchers at UpGuard have announced that the Central Command of U.S military and Pacific Command left more than 1.8 billion gathered internet posts exposed on an unreliable Amazon Web Services S3 server. Some of the data go as far back as 2009 and it doesn’t

Volatile Condition of Real Estate Business in Pakistan

Before going further on this technical discussion, let’s look into what bubble really is. Though used very frequently, the term “bubble” is hardly ever defined on a practical foundation. With indication to the ongoing discussion, bubble can be referred to a period of time when


Google Redesigned Transparency Report Portal

It has been a long time since the management of the publishing of the transparency reports of the government. It has been seen that the company that gave in details regarding the past especially from June to December 2013. Google has all the special details

Apple - IBM

Apple- IBM First Batch of Business Apps Released

Apple really seems to be serious about enterprise IT with the IBM than this summer’s cordial announcement seemed to imply, and on the same occasion, for the enterprise care, Apple’s new Apple care is taking on support for shared customers with IBM, which is really

Facebook New Friendly Privacy Policy

This is a good to know that Facebook has made the user friendly privacy policy and it has also lowered down the words of privacy policy from 9000 to 2700 words, which is a good thing for the users to read and understand the privacy

Tesla in Georgia

Georgia – The New Battleground State for Tesla

Georgia is known for the only American state, which has the large number of electric cars in the U.S., but this has also become a latest place where dealers are trying to block the tesla Motors to sell directly to the consumers. The auto car