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Allegations of Solis Doyle against Hillary Clinton

The manager of 2008 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, Patti Solis Doyle said that she investigated the allegations regarding sexual harassment against a campaign adviser. Solis Doyle informed CNN about her investigation that she discovered the involvement of sexual harassment and the complainant of adviser was very convincing. She added that her recommendation to Hillary Clinton was to terminate him and Solis Doyle was forbidden. The allegations against Burns Strider were first reported by The New York Times. Point to be noted that Strider was terminated years later due to Clinton-regulated Super PAC for sexual harassment. Hillary Clinton also responded via Twitter about the Friday Times report. She said that she was demoralized by the allegations due to they were addressed sufficiently. She added that a story appeared today regarding something happened in 2008.

Solis Doyle & Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton also said that she was distressed when it happened, but it comforted the young woman. She was heard and her concerns were considered seriously and addressed efficiently. Solis Doyle said that she was terminated by Hillary Clinton following the story. She also said that Hillary Clinton also accepted not specifically punishing Strider. The former campaign manager said that she blames herself for not supporting powerfully for the termination of Strider. Solis Doyle added that she feels it a massive deal of disappointment because she didn’t fight aggressively and didn’t struggle harder to fire him. It is important that Strider was appointed in 2013 to lead Correct the Record (self-contained pro-Clinton Super PAC). But, he was terminated after several months for workplace misbehavior, including sexually harassing a number of female aides.

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