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A Huge Drone Tank to be Manufactured by a Russian Military Contractor

A Russian Armed Manufacturer Company and the inventor of the AK-47 recently announced that the company is manufacturing a new type of unmanned battle vehicle. The company has indicated that its upcoming combat vehicle (drone tank) will carry both anti-tank missiles and machine guns with an estimated weight of 20 tons. The company has just released a prototype, so we can surely guess that what to be expected from the previous work of the company. The new invention was named the BAS-01G Soratnik. The new experimental tank has an estimated weight of just 7 tons. The new drone tank Soratnik has a machine gun installed for infantry support vehicle with anti-tank missiles.

A Huge Drone Tank to be Manufactured by a Russian Military ContractorThis drone tank has a top speed of 25 mph and the mini-tank will be controlled from a supposed range of more than 6 mph and it will be able to carry out some specific tasks independently. But, the company hasn’t yet disclosed other supposed functionalities of the self-independent armed vehicle without human interaction. As the purported 7 ton Soratnik tank is already available in the market to carry considerably similar types of weapons. So, it raises the question about usefulness because the supposed tank might be 3 times heavier than currently available tank. It is important that the seal of approval from the Russian government would provide a significant amount of help to motivate others to invest in this field.

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