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2nd time U.S Government Shutdown in Just 3 weeks

The U.S federal government shut down took place on Friday for the 2nd time in less than 3 weeks. The major reason was that the U.S Congress was unable to pass expenditure bill which is essential in keeping running the agencies. But, it might be a short-lived and just for a few hours shutdown. The U.S government has experienced a lack of money on Thursday midnight in order to drive the government. The U.S government planned to approve a comprehensive dual-party budget deal, but it experienced a blockade in the U.S Senate. It caused Congress to miss the deadline for funding which generated a temporary U.S government shutdown. A conservative Republican from Kentucky and one-time presidential candidate, Sen. Paul Ryan temporarily stopped a Senate vote regarding a bill for lifting extensive budget limits and set the stage for legislators to spend more than 300 billion U.S dollars during the next 2 years for domestic and defense programs.

Sen. Paul Ryan

This deal is regarding a short-term expenditure bill and it will provide a financial support to the U.S government through 23rd March 2018. The objection of Ryan has decreased the progress speed, but it was unable to entirely stop the funding process. It is expected that the U.S Senate will pass the bill on Friday morning because Ryan’s right to object will expire in the insignificant hours of Friday. The White House and the U.S Congress are hopeful in preventing another government shutdown. Point to be noted that the Trump administration started sending advises to federal agencies to be alert. The Office of Management and Budget forwarded a special message to the U.S federal agencies that they should get ready for an expected Limited Shutdown.

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