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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Arizona Copper Mine Project

A Lawsuit Filed Against Copper Mine Project in Arizona

On Monday, the lawsuit filed by Conservation groups against the U.S. Forest Service in order to stop a supposed open-pit copper mine southeast of Tucson. The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court and claimed that the Rosemont Copper Mine will destroy Coronado National Forest

Samsung New Research Center

New Research Center for AI Planned by Samsung

Samsung has entered into a trend accepted by most tech firms. The company is now creating its own consumer-focused artificial intelligence research center. Today, the company announced its plans in a fairly ambiguous statement that it plans to more efficiently pursue AI endeavors with a

Pentagon left data exposed

Why Pentagon Left Intelligence Data on Exposed Server?

Researchers at UpGuard have announced that the Central Command of U.S military and Pacific Command left more than 1.8 billion gathered internet posts exposed on an unreliable Amazon Web Services S3 server. Some of the data go as far back as 2009 and it doesn’t

North Korea Cyber Attack

North Korea is ready for a Global Cyber War: Experts

There isn’t any secret that North Korea has a cyber army. It is working in the shadows to attack western interests. The cyber-attack occurred in 2014 against Sony Pictures Entertainment. It clearly indicated that the North Korea had developed its capabilities of cyber warfare. Now,