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Monthly Archives: August 2017

5 Million U.S dollars offered by Venezuela in Harvey Aid

The U.S President Donald Trump sanctioned Venezuela 4 times and threatened military action, but he was unable to stop Venezuela from offering 5 million U.S dollars in aid for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The Foreign Minister of Venezuela explained on the state television that

Why Panama Government is demanding Visas from Citizens of Venezuela?

Why Panama Government is demanding Visas from Citizens of Venezuela?

On Tuesday, the government of Panama issued a statement that Venezuelans who need to enter the country should need a visa from October 2017. Most people are blaming the administration of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for overthrowing democracy at home and abroad. The President of

3 Afghans are missing during Training in Colorado

The Associated Press has indicated that 3 Afghan prison guards went missing from a Colorado training facility. A state prison official has informed that 3 Afghan prison employees who went missing over the weekend from a Colorado training facility weren’t believed to pose a threat.

Why mainstream Conservative Groups found on Hate Map?

When the Charlottesville protest initiated last weekend, Brad Dacus was thousands of miles away in California. So, he was flabbergasted when CNN mentioned his Pacific Justice Institute as “Hate Group”.  CNN wire story headline on the WGN-TV website of Chicago also indicated that here are

Security Measures enhanced for the Safety of Uber Drivers

In 2013, Uber opened a credit card-paid service in South Africa but started cash payments operation in 2016 to enhance its client base to add riders who don’t have access to credit services. So, the company announced the new “Cash Indicator” as an initial test