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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Transparency Requirements have terminated by FCC for some ISPs

Transparency Requirements have Terminated by FCC for some ISPs

Today, voting took place by the Federal Communication Commission regarding the removal of reporting requirements for internet service providers with less than 250 thousand subscribers. It has been considered a move to chip away the foundation of net detachment. Today’s voting has confirmed that these

LTE-U Devices have been Approved by the FCC for 5GHz Band

The Chairman of FCC (Federal Communication Commission) Ajit Pai has announced a way in providing an ease for network congestion. His organization has also approved devices that knock into the LTE-U band series. These specific devices will be allowed in getting access to the less-trafficked

New Way to Treat Chronic Pain from Snail Venom

New Way to Treat Chronic Pain from Snail Venom

The venom Conus regius has been proven dangerous and harmful for humans. A clinical case in 2009 indicated that a diver had trouble in moving his arm for at least 12 hours due to an attack. The scientists from the University of Utah considered it

Was 69% Fake Olive Oil Sold in the U.S?

An article was circulated on social media network in the early month of March 2015 with a title “Fake Olive Oil: What You Need to Know Now”. The article was focused on the health advantages of olive oil, but the article claimed that at least

Venezuela Banned CNN TV broadcast But available on YouTube

The government of Venezuela cut CNN “en Español’s signal” and close-down their television broadcasting in the country. The step was taken due to CNN aired a report on “Fake Passports”. But, governmental step didn’t disable physically, the CNN news network has shifted its programming to

Uber has planned for Mapping Cars in 5 Continents

Uber is not stopping its move towards mapping the planet. The famous ridesharing company has started mapping cars in Singapore. The company is putting the vehicles in 5 major continents, but not in the Antarctica. In most cases, the cartographic cars are amazingly driver rides

HBO Now hitting more than 2 Million Subscribers

Most people believe that growth of “HBO Now” will not slow down in the near future. The CEO of Time Warner, Jeff Bewkes informed that we have more than 2 million customers for internet-only video service. It is showing a much satisfactory report because it

Facebook Removed Fake News Photos after Sued by a Syrian Refugee

A photograph of a Syrian refugee Anas Modamani taking a selfie with German Chancellor Angela Markel after his beginning of new life in the country. However, it couldn’t finished grief of Modamani because his captured photo had routinely used in the fake news stories regarding