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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Why a Lawsuit Filed against Oracle by the U.S Labor Department?

Google has not been considered the only Silicon Valley standard experiencing a lawsuit regarding the transparency in its hiring policies. Now, the U.S Department of Labor has accused Oracle for purportedly arranging discriminatory employment exercises. The enterprise tech giant was blamed for paying more to

Women are Foolish but Superior than Men: Golding

A Nobel Prize-winning writer Sir William Gerald Golding (1911-1993) was famous for his novel “Lord of the Flies” 1954. This novel was regarding a group of British schoolboys. Those schoolboys were got stuck on an isolated island. It was due to a plane was crashed

Why Marissa Mayer Resigned from Yahoo?

Marissa Mayer has been fundamentally identical with Yahoo ever since she holds power. But, some elements are moving a bit hasty because the acquirement of Verizon is near to close. Now, Yahoo has announced that co-founder David Filo, Mayer and four other persons have resigned

Fox News Host Megyn Kelly has joined NBC News

Longtime served by Megyn Kelly for Fox News. It was reported that she has refused a contract of 20 million U.S dollars from NBC News for joining their cable channel. A number of news outlets have announced on 3rd January 2017 that longtime Fox News

Famous Artist William Christopher has Died at 84

Famous for the portrayal of Chaplin Father Mulchay, a hit television series M*A*S*H in 1970s, William Christopher has died at the age of 84. Christopher had small-cell of carcinoma and it was diagnosed at least 18 months before his death. His son, John Christopher also