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Monthly Archives: May 2016

A Giant Whale swallowed a photographer of National Geographic

An entertainment website “World News Daily Report” reported on 26th May 2016 that a giant ocean sunfish had eaten a photographer of National Geographic alive during a photo shoot in Peru. The giand ocean sunfish are often called Mola mola. The website reported that a

The Ignored Rally of Bernie Sanders Involved 27 Thousand People

A meme circulated on most of the social media websites in the month of May 2016 showing crowds at the rallies of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders for presidential election 2016. He had been disregarded in mainstream news coverage of the presidential campaign 2016. The published

New Mayor of London Sadiq Khan Threatened Donald Trump

Sadiq Khan was elected the mayor of London on 5th May 2016. The selection of Sadiq Khan has made him the first Muslim mayor of the major Western capital of England. A website claimed on 11th May 2016 that Khan allegedly threatened the candidate of

Tim Hortons Removed Pork Items from its Menu in the U.S and Canada

A website “Conservative Fans” published an article on 29th April 2016 and reported that Tim Hortons (a Canadian coffee chain) has planned to stop selling pork items at the request of its Muslim customers. This shocking statement was announced by Tim Hortons and indicated that