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FCC on Net Neutrality

Is FCC moving in the right direction regarding Net Neutrality?

A major step was taken by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the month of November. The Commission had decided to terminate the 2015 Open Internet Order and its formlessness. The FCC has planned to alter the previous order with new proposed RIFO (Restoring Internet

WWE Wrestler Rich Swann

WWE Wrestler Rich Swann Suspended due to his Alleged Arrest

On Saturday night, a champion professional wrestler was arrested in Gainesville, Florida, for allegedly imprisoning and battering his newlywed wife (she is also a professional wrestler). The WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment issued a statement on Sunday that 26-years old Rich Swann has been suspended following

Supersonic Jet of Boom

You will see Supersonic Jet Again in the Sky

At least a decade ago, the supersonic jetliner travel ended entire operations with the Concorde. Now, it is set for a boost after Japan Airlines Co. showed its willingness to invest 10 million U.S dollars (¥1.1 billion) in Colorado startup Boom Technology Inc. This major

2 National Monument will be Scaled Back in Utah by Trump

2 National Monument will be Scaled Back in Utah by Trump

The U.S President Donald Trump will announce plans to scale back 2 expansive national sculptures in Utah. It is in response to the U.S President has condemned as a Massive Federal Land Grab by the government. Point to be noted that Donald Trump is traveling

Arizona Copper Mine Project

A Lawsuit Filed Against Copper Mine Project in Arizona

On Monday, the lawsuit filed by Conservation groups against the U.S. Forest Service in order to stop a supposed open-pit copper mine southeast of Tucson. The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court and claimed that the Rosemont Copper Mine will destroy Coronado National Forest

Samsung New Research Center

New Research Center for AI Planned by Samsung

Samsung has entered into a trend accepted by most tech firms. The company is now creating its own consumer-focused artificial intelligence research center. Today, the company announced its plans in a fairly ambiguous statement that it plans to more efficiently pursue AI endeavors with a